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Troubleshooting Check Valves

Issue Time:2017/04/14

Check the use of the process will encounter a variety of issues, this article is the experience of many years of rich experience engineer, summarizes results of the check valve centralized common faults. Stainless steel screw hope my friend has a reference.

Troubleshooting check are: 1 disc break; 2 medium back...

Cause broken valve do is: before and after the valve medium pressure is close to balance but each other, "see-saw" state, the valve seat beat often do, some brittle materials (such as cast iron, brass, etc.) made valve run was broken. Stainless steel pipeline pump prevention approach is to use a non-return valve run toughness.

Media reflux causes: 1 sealing surface damage; 2 sandwiched impurities. Repair sealing surface and remove impurities, can prevent backflow.

Described above with respect to non-return valve Common Faults and prevention methods, can only play a stimulating, practical use, will encounter other failures, to be proactive and flexible to prevent valve failure occurs, the most fundamental one is familiar its structure, materials and operation principle.

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