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Valve Selection Techniques

Issue Time:2017/04/14

Valve selection techniques

1, the check valve (aetv One-way valve): generally applicable to pure media, not for containing solid particles and the viscosity of the medium.

2, following the low-pressure valve for DN50mm (aetv One-way valve) :, should use butterfly valve, check valve and diaphragm vertical lift check valve; For DN greater than 200mm, less than 1200mm of low pressure check valve, non-return valve should be selected on the wear spherical; for DN greater than 50mm, less than 2000mm of low pressure check valve, butterfly valve and the diaphragm should use check valves.

3, diaphragm valve suitable for easy to produce water hammer in the pipeline, the membrane could be eliminated upstream medium produced when water hammer, but by the temperature and pressure limits, generally at room temperature in low pressure pipeline.

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