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Check Valve How To Save Energy?

Issue Time:2017-04-14

Check valve is to rely on the strength of the fluid itself automatically open and close the valve, its role is to prevent the media back. Its name a lot, such as check valves, check valves, single-flow doors. According to the structure can be divided into two categories.

(1) Lift: valve body to move along the vertical centerline. Such valve has two: one is horizontal, mounted on a horizontal pipe, valve and shut-off valve similar shape, and the other is vertical, mounted in a vertical pipe.

(2) Swing: valve seat around the outside of the pin rotation, these valves have a single lobe, double valve and Orange Peel the points, but the principle is the same.

Suction foot valve pump suction pipe is deformed valve, its structure and these two types of stop valves for the same, but its lower end is open so as to allow water to enter.

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